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The Appalachian Trail
Bear Mountain Section
This is Connecticut's Appalachian mountain experience. The north end of the trail near the Mass border follows the floor of a very scenic ravine. The Sage Ravine Brook can become strong during the Spring melt while the north facing ravine wall can harbor ice well into May. The trail between Bear Mountain's peak and Sage Ravine is steep and rugged along rock outcroppings. Bear Mountain's wind-blasted top has a forest of diminutive trees that are reminiscent of higher alpine areas and the stone pyramid tower provides a 360 degree view. Because of Bear Mountain's exposed peak, conditions may become dangerous in storms and winter hiking. The hike between the peak and RT 41 has a fairly easier grade that is less rugged VS it's northern counterpart.

This is a popular summer day hike destination among locals. With it's side trails and parking areas near Mount Riga State Park, there are several loops that can be laced together for a day of enjoyable hiking.